Owner Of Petadora

It all started in March 2021, on ideas research, the launching of the website. It became reality in May 2021 when we launched. 

Nursing the plan on buying and selling to consumers for years but never got to materialized due to different life events.  I started by selling pieces of jewellery on various platforms from Ebay, Esty, Depop, Vinted and etc. Listing independently on various sites the same items, started getting stressed. I then decided to full invent more on the website to draw my majority of sales from one channel (petadora.co.uk).

Almost a year and stress growing to my target it births Hubs Drop (www.hubsdrop.co.uk)  an e-market, which was launched in December 2021.

In March 2021, I took a leap with the Jewellery company Petadora. I started by selling them on various established platforms to get my customers to know me well enough before I can sell from my own website. It has been challenging and rewarding. While learning the ups and downs of my business, my customer’s feedback from all platforms gives me the motivation to keep going.

Would you like to be an ambassador? If yes, kindly reach out to us via the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

All of you is you with the embellishment of your pure Elegance. Wear our Petadora collections to make us your cherry on top.
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